Calcium Chloride Powder 77%

Purity % – 77%
Packing size – 25kg, 50kg, &1000kg
Packing type – HDPE Bags
Grade Standard – Technical Grade, Industrial Grade



SNDB’s Calcium Chloride Powder 77% is a versatile compound widely utilized in diverse industrial applications due to its unique properties and effectiveness. Below, we outline several key industries where this compound plays a vital role:

Applications in Industry:

1. De-icing and Snow Removal:
  • Calcium Chloride Powder 77% is commonly used as a de-icing agent for roads, sidewalks, and airport runways.
  • Its hygroscopic properties enable it to absorb moisture quickly, preventing ice formation and improving traction on surfaces.
2. Concrete Acceleration:
  • In the construction industry, it is employed as an accelerator in concrete production.
  • It reduces setting time, accelerates the curing process, and enhances early strength development, facilitating faster construction schedules.
3. Oil and Gas Exploration:
  • Calcium Chloride Powder 77% serves as a crucial component in drilling and completion fluids for oil and gas wells.
  • Its properties aid in controlling formation pressure, preventing clay swelling, and improving fluid mobility in reservoirs.
4. Food Processing:
  • Within the food industry, Calcium Chloride Powder 77% is utilized as a firming agent and preservative.
  • It helps maintain the texture and crispness of fruits and vegetables, extending their shelf life and enhancing quality.
5. Water Treatment:
  • Water treatment facilities employ Calcium Chloride Powder 77% for pH adjustment and hardness control.
  • It aids in stabilizing water chemistry, preventing scale formation in pipelines, boilers, and industrial equipment.
6. Dust Control:
  • It is used for dust suppression on unpaved roads, construction sites, and mining operations.
  • Its hygroscopic nature helps bind dust particles together, reducing airborne dust and improving air quality in surrounding areas.
7. Textile Manufacturing:
  • In textile production, it serves as a desiccant and moisture absorber.
  • It helps maintain optimal humidity levels during processing, preventing mold and mildew growth on fabrics.
8. Chemical Industry:
  • Within the chemical sector, it is employed in various manufacturing processes.
  • It serves as a drying agent, catalyst, and reagent in chemical reactions, contributing to the synthesis of numerous products.

In conclusion, Calcium Chloride Powder plays a critical role in a wide range of industries, from infrastructure and construction to food processing and water treatment. Its versatility, effectiveness, and reliability make it a valuable asset in addressing diverse industrial challenges. As industries continue to evolve and innovate, it is likely to remain a key ingredient in various applications, driving efficiency, safety, and sustainability.


Packing Images:-

Calcium Chloride | Manufacturers & Exporters | SNDB India
Calcium Chloride | Manufacturers & Exporters | SNDB India
Calcium Chloride | Manufacturers & Exporters | SNDB India
Calcium Chloride | Manufacturers & Exporters | SNDB India
Calcium Chloride | Manufacturers & Exporters | SNDB India
Calcium Chloride | Manufacturers & Exporters | SNDB India

Additional information


77% min.

Matter Insoluble in water

0.50% max.

Magnesium Chloride (as MgCl2)

0.70% max

Alkalinity as Ca(OH)


Chlorides as (NaCl)

2.00% max.

pH of 5% soln. at 25oC

8 – 9

Iron Content, ppm

15 max.

Moisture Content

5% – 6%