Calcium Chloride Brine

Appearance –  Crystal Clear Liquid

Packing size  –  30Ltr, 235Ltr, & 1000Ltr

Packing type  –  Carboys, Barrels,& IBCs

Grade Standard  –  Technical Grade, Industrial Grade 



Calcium chloride brine, a solution crafted by SNDB by dissolving calcium chloride in water, serves as a versatile and potent tool across various industries. Its unique properties make it indispensable in multiple applications, ranging from de-icing roads to enhancing oil recovery processes. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the diverse uses of calcium chloride brine and its significance in different industrial sectors.

Applications in Industry:

1. Winter Maintenance:
  •  Calcium chloride brine is widely utilized as a de-icing agent for roads, highways, and airport runways.
  •  Its ability to lower the freezing point of water effectively prevents ice formation on surfaces.
  •  By forming a preemptive barrier, it minimizes the risk of accidents and enhances road safety during winter weather events.
2. Oil and Gas Industry:
  •  In oil extraction operations, it serves as a key component in well completion and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) fluids.
  •  It helps control formation pressure, prevents clay swelling, and enhances the flow of oil and gas to the surface.
  •  Additionally, calcium chloride brine aids in the extraction of oil from reservoirs by reducing interfacial tension and improving fluid mobility.
3. Food Processing:
  • it finds application in food processing as a firming agent and preservative.
  • It enhances the texture and crispness of fruits and vegetables, prolonging their shelf life and maintaining quality.
  • Moreover, calcium chloride brine is used in cheese-making processes to promote coagulation and improve yield.
4. Construction Industry:
  • In the construction sector, it serves as an additive in concrete production.
  • It accelerates the curing process, reducing setting time and enhancing early strength development.
  • Additionally, calcium chloride brine is utilized for dust control on construction sites and unpaved roads, mitigating environmental and health hazards associated with airborne particulates.
5. Water Treatment:
  • It is employed in water treatment processes for pH adjustment and hardness control.
  • It helps stabilize water chemistry, preventing scale formation in pipelines, boilers, and industrial equipment.
  • Furthermore, calcium chloride brine is used in wastewater treatment plants to remove impurities and improve effluent quality.
6. Mining Industry:
  • In mining operations, calcium chloride brine is utilized for dust suppression and stabilization.
  • It binds fine particles together, preventing them from becoming airborne and reducing the risk of respiratory ailments among workers.
  • Moreover, it is employed for ore flotation, helping separate valuable minerals from gangue materials.
7. Textile Industry:
  • It serves as a desiccant and moisture absorber in textile manufacturing processes.
  • It helps maintain optimal humidity levels, preventing mold and mildew growth on fabrics.
  • Additionally, it is used for dyeing and finishing applications, ensuring uniform color penetration and enhancing fabric properties.
8. Pharmaceutical Industry:
  • In pharmaceutical manufacturing, It is utilized as a drying agent and desiccant.
  • It removes moisture from air and products, ensuring stability and prolonging shelf life.
  • Moreover, it is employed in tablet formulations to improve disintegration and dissolution rates.

In conclusion, It stands as a versatile solution with a wide range of applications across various industries. From winter maintenance to oil extraction, food processing to construction, its unique properties make it a valuable asset in diverse industrial processes. As innovation continues to drive the demand for efficient and sustainable solutions, the role of calcium chloride brine in shaping industrial practices is set to expand further, fostering safety, efficiency, and environmental stewardship.


Packing Images:-

Calcium Chloride | Manufacturers & Exporters | SNDB India
Calcium Chloride | Manufacturers & Exporters | SNDB India
Calcium Chloride | Manufacturers & Exporters | SNDB India
Calcium Chloride | Manufacturers & Exporters | SNDB India
Calcium Chloride | Manufacturers & Exporters | SNDB India
Calcium Chloride | Manufacturers & Exporters | SNDB India

Additional information


6.5 – 8.5


10 NTU max

Specific Gravity

1.38 – 1.40

TSS (Total Soluble Solids)

0.20% max


Clear & Transparent Liquid