Calcium Chloride Lumps

Purity % –  74% – 77%

Packing size  –  25kg, 50kg, &1000kg

Packing type  –  HDPE Bags

Grade Standard  –  Technical Grade, Industrial Grade



Calcium chloride lumps by SNDB, are derived from the crystallization of calcium chloride, are renowned for their myriad industrial applications. Their unique properties make them indispensable in various sectors, from manufacturing to food processing. In this comprehensive overview, we delve into the diverse uses of this product and their significance in different industrial settings.

Applications in Industry:

1. De-icing and Snow Removal:
  • Calcium chloride lumps serve as effective de-icing agents for roads, highways, and airport runways
  • Their hygroscopic nature enables them to absorb moisture from the atmosphere, preventing the formation of ice on surfaces.
  • Additionally, they have a lower freezing point depression compared to traditional rock salt, making them ideal for combating icy conditions during winter months.
2. Concrete Production:
  • In the construction industry, calcium chloride lumps are utilized as an additive in concrete production.
  • They accelerate the curing process, reducing setting time and enhancing early strength development.
  • Moreover, they improve the overall durability of concrete structures, making them resistant to freeze-thaw cycles and other environmental factors.
3. Oil and Gas Extraction:
  • Calcium chloride lumps play a crucial role in the oil and gas industry as a component of well completion and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) fluids.
  • They help control formation pressure, prevent clay swelling, and improve the flow of oil and gas to the surface.
  • Additionally, they aid in the extraction of oil from reservoirs by reducing interfacial tension and enhancing fluid mobility.
4. Food Preservation:
  • Calcium chloride lumps are used in the food industry as a firming agent and preservative.
  • They help maintain the texture and crispness of fruits and vegetables, extending their shelf life and enhancing quality.
  • Furthermore, they are employed in cheese-making processes to promote coagulation and improve yield.
5. Water Treatment:
  • In water treatment plants, calcium chloride lumps are utilized for pH adjustment and hardness control.
  • They help stabilize water chemistry, preventing scale formation in pipelines, boilers, and industrial equipment.
  • Moreover, they are effective in removing impurities and improving effluent quality in wastewater treatment processes.
6. Textile Manufacturing:
  • Calcium chloride lumps serve as desiccants and moisture absorbers in textile manufacturing processes.
  • They help maintain optimal humidity levels, preventing mold and mildew growth on fabrics.
  • Additionally, they are used for dyeing and finishing applications, ensuring uniform color penetration and enhancing fabric properties.

In conclusion, they stand as versatile and essential components in various industrial applications. From de-icing roads to enhancing concrete strength, from preserving food to treating water, their diverse uses underscore their importance across different sectors. As industries continue to seek efficient and sustainable solutions, the role of this product in shaping industrial practices is set to expand further, driving innovation and fostering progress.

Additional information


74% – 77%

Matter Insoluble in water

0.50% max

Magnesium Chloride (as MgCl2)

2% – 3%

Alkalinity as Ca(OH)


Chlorides as (NaCl)

0.15% – 0.25%

pH of 5% soln. at 25oC

6 – 7

Moisture Content

20% – 22%