Since 1885

We are India’s Largest Calcium chloride Exporter

SNDB, a family business established 140 years ago in Western India, is a renowned chemical exporter and supplier with a global presence in 40 countries. In spite of its modest size, it has developed into a major participant in the chemical business worldwide.

We are the leading chemical exporters and suppliers of Organic and Inorganic Chemicals based in India. We are renowned for our excellent-quality products and for our highly competitive prices. The products and services of our company are in line with internationally accepted standards.

SNDB, a renowned chemical manufacturer, supplier, and exporter from India, is committed to integrity, honesty, and morality. With a significant position in the chemical industry and ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 Certification, it aims to become a leading player in at least 80% of chemicals traded and used internationally.



We, at SNDB, are renowned Chemical Exporters and Suppliers. It is a family business of the BIYANIS who humbly started their journey with the business of chemicals approx. 125 years ago in a small town in western India. The first production line was setup to manufacture chemicals using Chemical ores by mining. Through the years, the reign of the firm was transferred from one generation to the other, and with this happened the modernisation and transformation of the firm. From starting with a small manufacturing unit approx. 125 years ago, SNDB now boasts of a global presence and is a renowned name in the business of chemicals. With the backing of a solid experience of the Elderly and the passion and exuberance of the Young Generation, SNDB grew leaps and bounds over this time.

SNDB today has a client base spread across 32 countries. With India set to become a leading global player in the World of chemicals in the years to come, We have positioned itself as a Chemical Exporters and Suppliers from India with the motto

“Creating Chemistry between India and the World”

Our Company sees a lot of potential in our country India and we want to contribute to help it leverage all of its potential to become the Leading world players in at least 80% of the chemicals that are traded and used globally.


For SNDB, “Client is God“ and we will be driven and guided by our core values:-

Integrity : We shall be truthful and honest in all our actions and will always strive to do the right thing, even in the face of adversity.

Reliability : Quality is at the core of what we do – an area where we never compromise. Our products and services are subject to the highest quality requirements and require excellent quality standards in all departments and processes. We keep our promises and personally ensure that the demands of our customers, partners and colleagues are met.

Customer Centric : We are driven by the desire to create the best possible experience a customer can have. We never turn our back and if there is something that needs our attention, we stick to your values of Integrity and Reliability and deliver, every single time.


We, at SNDB, want to be the pivotal driving force behind taking Indian Chemicals to the world and driving the dominance in the Global market of Indian products by bringing high quality products, efficient logistics and best in class service to our esteemed customers. We are driven by the will to bring value added products to our customers while also making a significant contribution to our society.

We want to manufacture, sell and trade high quality chemicals with a constant penchant for increased efficiency, reduced costs and value addition for our customers and to ensure that we provide a platform for promoting business excellence that encourages empathy and respect to our employees, customer and suppliers.


We aim to achieve excellence through identifying, communicating and promoting:

  • Quality.

  • Knowledge.

  • Leadership.

  • Partnership.

  • Personal Development.

  • Reward & Recognition.


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